Tango Chalet at Night

A Special Invitation to Tango Teachers:
Create a 3-Day Weekend Workshop
in the Sierra Nevada
At Tango Chalet
... and Yosemite

May through October

A unique opportunity for California tango teachers. Our beautiful salon with its 360 square foot solid bamboo tango floor looks out on a pine and cedar forest at 4,000-feet elevation. Two of the guest rooms share a balcony overlooking the forest. Silence. Starlight.

Bring your students to the Chalet for your workshop. Fix your own meals or dine out. Three nights lodging (minimum) - $750 + 11% tax + $100 cleaning fee. Total: $932.50

Do the math: that's $39 per person per night for lodging. Add a workshop fee, food and transportation.

Sugar pines

The Chalet has 3 private rooms: 1 queen bed, 1 double bed (balcony), 2 single beds (balcony). A double futon is also available in a semi-private 4th room. There is an excellent B&B nearby with 3 rooms - a 10 minute hike through the forest.

Make sure you include time in your weekend for a trip to Yosemite!

Share this link with your students to get a fantastic view of the Queen of the national parks. Yosemite Nature Notes provides 9 short videos extremely well done, beginning with Wildflowers. Make sure you see all 9 episodes, then come see us in Mariposa.

tango salon

If you include Yosemite, you'll want to enjoy breakfast in the elegant dining room of the Ahwahnee Hotel. On Sunday mornings, there's a grand piano and buffet. Dress is casual for breakfast.

Ahwahnee dining room

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