Lodging in Buenos Aires

If tango has awakened your zest for life and you're heading for Buenos Aires to experience tango at its source, you'll need a place to stay. The good news is, Buenos Aires has a thriving short-term apartment rental industry with a huge selection of apartments all over the city.

Before you start looking for lodging, Google "hotels Buenos Aires" and check what's available and at what price. Then you'll have a basis to judge the rates of short-term rentals.

Google "Apartments Buenos Aires" to begin your journey. It's fun - but exhausting - to deal with the huge array of possibilities. Over 3 years and 5 trips to this great city, I've found several good sources of comfortable, reasonably-priced apartments. I've also discovered that upscale Palermo and historical San Telmo are both well located to access the tango scene, as well as the richness of the city's history and night life. And a modern subway system, the Subte, brings most neighborhoods in this capital city close to milongas and lessons.

The largest source of apartments is ByTArgentina; I've used them on 4 occasions and they've always taken care of me. But, if you're like me, you want more personal treatment. Following are a few places I can recommend; they all have delivered that extra personal touch. They are available by the week, month or longer.

NOTE: If you book with any of these as a result of visiting this Tango Chalet website, let us know the dates of your stay and I'll make sure there is a Welcome to Buenos Aires gift awaiting your arrival.

Borges Apartments - Palermo

Artist Enrique Ferracani and his family operate 2 apartment buildings in one of Palermo's loveliest areas, Palermo Soho, across from the botánico. I've stayed in the Borges Apartments twice and have always felt I was well-cared-for and dealt with honestly. These lovely apartments display original paintings by Enrique. www.borgesaparts.com Contact: Matías Plaza Italia Subte station, Linea D

Caserón Porteño - Palermo

If you feel a little insecure about being in a new country and city, this tango garden hotel is a good choice. Owners Daniel and Cynthia are good friends of mine and outstanding hosts ready to help visitors in every regard. Your stay here includes free tango lessons 6 nights a week , breakfast 'til very late every morning, use of the kitchen and many other touches to make life comfortable. And these folks know tango! www.caseronporteno.com Olleros Subte stations, Linea D

Room in an apartment - San Telmo

Comfortable room, share bath, use of kitchen. Ideal for young student. Independencia Subte station, Linea C - lauraines39@yahoo.com

Casa Kohli - San Telmo

Emilio Calgano has several apartments at Estados Unidos 860 in San Telmo. Not recommended.





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