Vision of Tango Chalet

For almost a decade I've enjoyed the good life in a mountain chalet
in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, less than an hour from one of the
most beautiful places on the planet, Yosemite National Park. It has
transformed my life. I invite you to allow it to transform yours.

Five years ago, as I walked the streets of Buenos Aires and was
captured by the sounds of tango, another transformation took place.

The art of dancing, the beauty of the music, the challenge of
mastering a step, the culture of Buenos Aires and Argentina, the
opportunities to meet interesting, often fascinating, tangueros
from every part of the world -
everything got very exciting, very much
akin to what I experienced when I first arrived in the Sierra Nevada.

Upon returning from my favorite city in June, 2008, I realized anew that
I was living in a unique place, a place that also could be a beautiful
setting for tango and one that could connect tango lovers with nature.
Tango Chalet
would become a place where I could share the
transformational experiences I had enjoyed these last few years by
helping people connect the art of Argentine Tango with the splendor
and wonder of nature.

My hope is that Tango Chalet will become a place through which I can
share some of the riches I've discovered in my journey to tango and
nature and where I will discover, through those who visit Tango Chalet,
an increasing awe of this incredible dance and of our awesome planet.

Doestoevsky said, the world will be saved by beauty. Joseph Campbell
said we must follow our bliss. Paolo Coelho encouraged us to seek and
live our Personal Legend. My experience with tango tells me that when I embrace this beautiful art form, I am following my bliss, I am fulfilling part
of my Personal Legend, and I am creating beauty in a world that sorely
needs the lift that beauty provides.

I hope our passions connect soon on the journey, as art and nature
transform our spirits.

Paul Weiss

Paul Weiss